Améi Quartett and Mark Weigel at the concert series WORTKLANGRAUM in Bonn, recording from October 7th 2017

Corinna Canzian, violin
Diego Ramos Rodríguez, violin
Aglaya González, viola
Esther Saladin, cello
Mark Weigel, recitation

WORTKLANGRAUM - Musik & Dichtung / (68) "gegenwärtig"

Esther Saladin and Trio uBu at the concert series WORTKLANGRAUM in Bonn, recording from June 7th, 2017

Anna Neubert, violin
Esther Saladin, cello
Christoph Stöber, piano
Mark Weigel, recitation

"White Masks"

White Masks, a project about loss and transition, involving a performance for cello, live electronics and resonating masks, and an audio-visual installation to collect the contribution of the audiences with which the project gets in contact. Cello, Esther Saladin Music by Silvia Rosani, Rebecca Saunders and Ori Talmon Visual artist, Inês Rebelo Video and photography, Ashley Simpson

Ori Talman: A Portrait and a Dream

Hanns Eisler: String Quartet op. 75 (1938)

1. Variations
Améi Quartet

Bernd Alois Zimmermann: Sonata for Cello solo

Iván González Escuder: "Versa est in luctum cithara mea"